Whole fresh California bay, 40 Leaves, Blessed Bay Trees, Picked to Order, Vegan Healthy Cooking, non-gmo

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Our priestesses hand-pick to order fresh beautiful healthy Bay leaves from one or more of the California Bay Laurel Trees here at our Sanctuary; we have a forest of 100+ year old California Bay Trees.

These trees are fed by a year round natural creek. We always thank and bless the trees for the bounty they provide us.
The leaves are Vegan, of course, non-GMO, and perfectly natural.

The uses and health benefits of the bay leaves include:

adding flavor to rice, pasta, stews, soups, and vegetables
aroma therapy, soap-making and candlemaking
they are said to slow the aging process, speed wound healing, reduce inflammation
also, they are known to help with colds and alleviate respiratory issues

We offer a package of 40 leaves. These are shipped in a zip lock bag (to retain freshness) and shipping is free to you.

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