Silvertone Mermaid, Rhinestones Facet Blue Glass Beaded Necklace Goth Steampunk


It is gothic, steampunk, Victorian and Celtic.

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Here is a one of a kind Mermaid necklace in an antique silver tone.
The mermaid has rhinestones on her tail.
The double chain which features blue glass faceted beads and silver links is 15-16″ long. It is just a bit longer than a choker, a nice flattering length.The mermaid pendant is about 3 inches long.
It is gothic, steampunk, Victorian and Celtic.
Mermaids are the Messengers for things associated with the spiritual element of water; Emotion and inspiration. People often associate them as something that touches them deep in their souls. Mermaids are believed to be a symbol of transformation.
The symbolism of the Mermaid is that of the feminine element of the Universe, the Great Goddess, powerful and mysterious.

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