Pentadecagon Sacred Geometry Mandala Laser Cut Engraved, Lavender Quartz Magic!

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Here is a newly created and imagined mini altar piece created from repurposed birch wood.
This finely laser-engraved, laser-cut mini altar piece is a Pentadecagon/Pentadecagram mandala which is a triple pentagram, 15 sided starred piece. It measures about 2 inches in diameter and is 1/4 inch thick.
This is a one of a kind design by our Iseum Sanctuary artist in residence and comes with a 2″ Lavender quartz crystal.
Great to place on your altar and use to hold small precious items such as crystals.
Mandalas are sacred symbols in many cultures, with the symmetry depicting balance.
Lavender Quartz is actually a type of rose quartz with a high level of titanium or manganese and is a stone of love, healing and joy. Lavender Quartz is said to alleviate lack of self worth and low self esteem, and helps with appreciating the things around you. It has a positive effect on the mind while dispelling mental blockages.
The mandala and stone come in a lovely organza bag.

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