Juniper Sweetgrass Sage Smudge Stick 7″, ANKH, Crystal, Blessed, Magical, Reiki!

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Sweetgrass symbolizes healing, peace, and spirituality in many Native cultures. The Ankh isan ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol that represents the word for “life” and is a symbol of life and immortal life.

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Our Smudges are hand picked and handmade by an Iseum artisan and Reiki Mistress, Ankh-sen-Aset. The herbs and flora are grown on our Sanctuary.These smudge sticks are at least 6″ and come with a pewter silver tone ANKH attached.The Ankh is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic symbol that represents the word for “life” and is a symbol of life and immortal life.It is the talisman of Pharaohs, shamans, warriors and Priestesses.This symbol is also a variant form of religious crosses.In Ancient Egypt, incense provided the embodiment of life and an aromatic manifestation of the gods. The Pharaohs cultivated incense trees and imported expensive resins to satisfy the needs of Egypt’s prolific temples and tombs.Juniper revives mind and ushers in a strength of spirit that blocks negative energy from entering. Used in purification ceremonies, burning Juniper washes away doubt, hesitation, hostility and judgement. Waft the fragrance of burning Juniper throughout the home to cleanse and protect against negativity.Sweetgrass symbolizes healing, peace, and spirituality in many Native culturesWhite sage has long been used for purification and cleansing rituals. Research has shown that burning sage may remove bacteria from the air and repel insects. Sage is believed to help intuition, improve mood and reduces stress and anxiety.
All these together in a smudge provide powerful protection as well as uplifting spirits. It also smells divine!Within each of our smudges is a small quartz crystal – Imagine how powerful this is! Clear quartz helps to elevate your consciousness and bring clarity into your life. It is clear light, cleansing and purifying energy fields. The CRYSTAL SMUDGE is an original concept by San Aset, and she has been creating these for friends and family for almost 20 years. These smudges create an energy unlike any other smudge and have been used at births, weddings, holidays and in memorial services.

Each smudge is different and the pictures here represent how they look. These are made to order and fresh, with positive intention, and blessed with loving nature as well as being supercharged. Each smudge and all the crystals have been blessed in the Bast House temple by Ankh-sen-Aset, priestess and Reiki master. Bast (also known as Bastet) is the ancient Egyptian Goddess of protection and cats. Re, our Mau Cat, is meditating in the Bast House, with happy cat thoughts.

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