CHAKRA SMUDGE Cedar Juniper Smudge 6″ Saining Supercharged Reiki Magic


We like to call our smudge bundles SAINING smudges which are Celtic Irish Scot Gaelic Healing bundles. ALL herbs are grown on our Sanctuary. These Chakra Smudge bundles are Cedar and Juniper Smudges.

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These smudge bundles have amazing properties and each one is made to order with freshly picked herbs and flora by Iseum artisan and Reiki Mistress, San Aset. ALL herbs are grown on our Sanctuary.These Chakra Smudge bundles are Cedar and Juniper Smudges.
We like to call our smudge bundles SAINING smudges which are Celtic Irish Scot Gaelic Healing bundles. All of our smudge sticks are AT LEAST 6 inches.The Chakra Smudges come with a Seven Chakra stone amulet, with a copper Buddha head, attached to use while smudging. The chakra amulet can be removed and placed on an altar, used as a hanging decoration, or even clipped to a bracelet or necklace.
The properties of the smudge:Ancient Egyptians prized cedar for its scent and offered the incense to the Gods and Goddesses. Cedar has been used in many indigenous people’s ceremonies The smoke of burning cedar is said to attract good spirits and eliminate negative energies.JUNIPER revives mind and ushers in strength of spirit that blocks negative energy from entering. Used in purification ceremonies, burning Juniper washes away doubt, hesitation, hostility and judgement. Burning Juniper throughout the home helps cleanse and protects against negativity.Within each of our smudges is a quartz crystal!This Chakra smudge includes a seven stone amulet:
Root chakra: This is the first and lowest chakra, believed to govern basic survival instincts. The root chakra is represented by the color red. (Red Agate)
Sacral chakra: The second chakra is located level to the naval and governs creative and emotional energies. It is represented by the color orange. (Orange Aventurine)
Solar plexus chakra: The third chakra is located at about the same level as the bottom of the sternum and thought to govern energy and activity levels. It is represented by the color yellow. (Yellow Jade)
Heart chakra: The fourth chakra, located at heart level, is said to govern love and relationships. It is represented by the color green, but can progress to rose for those who learn to love unconditionally. (Green Aventurine)
Throat chakra: This fifth chakra governs the ability to communicate and take action. It is represented by the color blue.(Blue sodalite)
Brow or Third Eye chakra: Chakra number six governs spirituality, intuition and thoughts. It is represented by a deep purple color. (Purple Agate)
Crown chakra: This seventh and final chakra governs understanding and wisdom. It is represented by either violet or white. (White Howlite)Each smudge is different and the pictures here represent how they look. We don’t have pre-made smudges. All are made to order!These are made carefully, with positive intention, and blessed with loving nature as well as being supercharged. These are actual pictures of the Bast House and smudges in the process of being created. Each smudge and all the crystals have been blessed in the Bast House temple by Ankh-sen-Aset. Bast (also known as Bastet) is the ancient Egyptian Goddess of protection and cats. Re, our Mau Cat, is meditating in the Bast House, with happy cat thoughts.

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