About Iseum Sanctuary

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The Iseum Sanctuary is a nonprofit 501(c)3 religious organization, run by women, that provides sanctuary, spirituality, safety and harmony. We shelter and care for animals, flora, fauna, and people.

Our Sanctuary store contains special handmade ceremonial and spiritual supplies such as our VEGAN Crystal Healing Smudge Kits with one of a kind Manzanita Burl stands!

We have handcrafted natural organic healing Crystal Smudge Sticks and Saining Smudge Bundles – all made to order. These range from Eucalyptus Full Moon Saining Logs to Lavender & Rosemary Crystal smudges, Cedar Crystal smudges, Juniper Crystal, amazing Bay/Lavender/Cedar & Rosemary smudges, and Egyptian Kyphi crystal incense which takes two months to process! All these are made from plants grown in our Sanctuaries and contain various stones and crystals which are supercharged by Ankh-sen-Aset, a Reiki mistress, with considerable vibrational transference energies.

In addition to our herbal and ceremonial items, we have unique handmade jewelry – a combination of Celtic, Egyptian, Wicca, Gothic, Steampunk and Magic!

Shipping is VERY fast. All proceeds, 100% of all sales go to providing shelter and care for animals, flora, fauna, and people.

For more information on the Iseum Sanctuary, please visit our website. Our Sanctuaries are refuges of rescue for animals, trees, flowers and people in need.